Why we should celebrate video editing & cinematography at the Oscars 2019

by Joseph Phipps |

This year it appears that the Oscars have danced with controversy again… following Kevin Hart’s homophobic remarks and problematic apology which sparked backlash, the show is set to have its first host-less event since 1989! Not only that, but it was recently announced that the categories of Best CinematographyBest Live Action Short FilmBest Film Editing, and Best Makeup and Hairstyling would be removed from the aired programme and were quickly re instated after backlash 4 days later.

As spottydog’s resident videographer I thought I would shed some light as to why the likes of cinematography and editing are so crucial to the composition of film and video. Cinematography is the art of composing a shot in camera and how the camera moves to evoke emotion and feeling for the viewer. Editing is the art of storytelling and building the film. Usually a cinematographer and editors aren’t the most famous people in the world but they are craftsmen and women striving to create beautiful content for an audience. Awards season – especially the Oscars – is often the only time they are recognised for their work. Without their hard work a lot of the films we love wouldn’t exist.

Out of the nominees this year I believe The Favourite is the film that encapsulates these skills the best and is my favourite – pun definitely intended – to win Best Picture.

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