Celebrating Christmas the spottydog way

by Katie Bregazzi |

If you’d never been to Birmingham, and asked one of the spottydog team for the best thing to do there, undoubtedly we’d all give you a different answer. For me, taking in the now all singing all dancing Library of Birmingham would be a morning well spent. Obviously a trip to the Jewellery Quarter would be a must, followed by a well-earned glass of champers at the Champagne bar in The Cube. But after today (my last day in before Christmas – hurrah!) I would struggle to find a more fulfilling day in Brum City Centre than my fellow spottydog’s and I just spent.

Testing our sniffer dog instincts, we were set a series of team tasks following clues around Birmingham City Centre and, aside from glaring knowledge gaps in 80’s TV shows and James Bond, not only did we give Lassie a run for her money (who says I can’t do old TV references) we picked up some flashing Santa hats and chocolate on the way too!

It is days like this that make me feel very grateful for my job and the people that I work with – and while yes we got a Christmas day out of the office which rivals the feeling of a school trip (essentially you feel the same level of giddiness to be away from your desk but you don’t have to take a clipboard or sit by the smelly kid) what we did before any tom foolery was to give a little something back. After all, tis’ the season to do so!

Heading to Birmingham Children’s Hospital this morning we reported to Radio Lollipop where we helped sort and distribute all of the amazing presents donated to the hospital this year. We were there for only two hours, witnessed five deliveries of gifts and barely scratched the surface, but what an amazing thing it was to see the level of peoples’ generosity.

The campaign for this year is Let Us Play, which hopes to encourage support through donations that will help the hospital create facilities for the children to play in. We bought five tins of paint from the list of things they need – so if you’re on the last minute Christmas Eve dash you know where to head!

Anyway, it’s been a wonderful and exciting year, and we are all looking forward to 2015 – but from me for 2014 this is it, so as I spring to my sleigh (Renault Clio) and to my team give a whistle (wave) away I will fly like the down of a thistle (up the A47). But hear me exclaim, ere I drive out of sight Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.