Toby Carvery

Bringing Toby Carvery’s heart-warming story to a national audience

PR Media Relations


When Toby Carvery teamed up with Heart FM to reunite two brothers who hadn’t seen each other for over 40 years, we were briefed to spread the message and video content they had created to mark the heart-warming occasion through PR Media Relations.


We identified three key targets for the story – national media, real-life consumer media and regional media. Using traditional media relations, we reached out to journalists from all nationals with interests in real life stories and video content. Following this, we offered interviews with the family to the Daily Mirror, Chat magazine and Macclesfield Express.

We also targeted new digital medias such as the Lad Bible & Viral Thread to reach a millennial audience that wouldn’t traditionally interact with the Toby Carvery brand.


We achieved 12 pieces of coverage including Daily Mirror, The Sun, Lad Bible & Viral Thread with the article shared over 6,500 times and an audience reach of 124,217,984.


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