Northston Engineering Consultancy

Starting on the right track

Construction Marketing


Northston Engineering is a start-up consultancy, providing career advice and mentoring for railway engineers and skills development support for international rail firms. Founder Graham Roberts came to spottydog communications to help define his service offer, and create a professional brand identity and website as well as create a social media strategy through construction marketing.


We held a strategy workshop with the Founder to help articulate key messages that would engage the target market. From this, we developed a logo, business cards and a simple, engaging brochure-style website that could be easily updated and maintained in-house, together with a focused Google Analytics dashboard to help evaluate success over time. We then identified LinkedIn and Twitter as suitable social media channels to explore during the initial development phase of the business and proposed suitable content and an engagement strategy. We provided a ½ day of one-to-one training on Twitter and LinkedIn to help support sales growth, together with step-by-step instructions to use the WordPress content management system and Google Analytics.


Northston Engineering received impressive feedback about his company brand and website during initial meetings with potential customers. The one-to-one training delivered ensured that the founder had the knowledge and skills required to update the website and use social media and construction marketing autonomously to develop the business.