Sizzling Pub Grill

Spreading community spirit with Sizzling Pubs

Launch PR


Sizzling Pubs tasked us with creating a content campaign to support the launch PR for their charity initiatives run by pubs across the UK. The core focus was on generating guest awareness of the brilliant work being carried out across the Sizzling Pubs estate and to boost frontline staff engagement with the brand’s community and fundraising projects.

This predominantly focused on the Sizzling and Carling Community Action project, which saw the pub brand and drink company come together to raise vital funds for fantastic local charities and community causes – uniting all 203 Sizzling Pub venues and raising an incredible £51,074 to date.


We helped drive engagement and awareness of the brand’s community initiative through a three-pronged content campaign which centred on a quarterly printed newsletter, an engaging video and content for Sizzling’s social media channels.

We engaged staff directly by liaising with general managers and team members through a team page on social media and creating a dedicated inbox where pubs could share their charity news.

To showcase the fundraising and community work carried out at pubs across the UK, we designed a quarterly guest-facing printed newsletter which could be displayed within Sizzling sites. The newsletter collated ten of the best charity stories delivered by Sizzling Pubs frontline teams.

Alongside the printed newsletter we produced a video which captured the charity projects in action and represented the efforts of Sizzling team members and the community schemes that were supported. The video was effective in displaying the tangible results of the fundraising while displaying a real sense of personality – and was well-received at a screening with members of the Sizzling team.

Photography of several of the projects Carling community scheme was carried out to support the visual aspect of the campaign. Bi-weekly charity stories from across the Sizzling estate were also written and shared with the Sizzling team for use across social media and the brand website to keep guests up to date with all the latest community activity.


Each community newsletter produced has been distributed and displayed within over 200 Sizzling Pubs across the country, helping to effectively communicate the community spirit of Sizzling and give recognition to all of the pubs involved.

Through the five newsletters created so far, we’ve worked with 42 different pubs to create copy sharing their community stories, while engaging with a community of general managers to establish a set of regular contributors who provide details of their ongoing fundraising efforts for us inform regular content.

The photography and videography captured has been, and continues to be, utilised across a variety of platforms including website, social channels and printed media to share the charitable results of the Carling community partnership with an extensive internal and external audience.



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