Working with UK pet influencers to build brand awareness for HiLife

Influencer Marketing


HiLife is a popular pet-food brand for dogs and cats with a wide range of products, including dry and wet food, treats and chews. Launched over 30 years ago, HiLife has a great reputation and strong in-store presence — it is available in supermarkets and pet stores across the UK. As well as using spottydog’s skills to help publicise its rebrand of the HiLife ‘It’s Only Natural’ range, the brand required spottydog’s support to manage its social media channels — Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The aim is to grow HiLife brand awareness, reassurance and trust online, and reach a wider audience of UK pet owners by using influencer marketing.


As well as creating compelling competitions to propel engagement, generating content to drive sales through Amazon, crafting creative blogs, and providing customer service support, spottydog activates third-party partnerships through outreach and sampling.

This involves identifying and building relationships with key influencers in the pet world who align with HiLife’s target growth demographics, sending them free samples and encouraging them to post about their pets enjoying the products on their social channels. This enables HiLife products to be introduced to new audiences through third-party endorsement.

By understanding HiLife’s target market, we ensure that the influencers we approach, and the loyal fanbase they have accumulated, are excited by HiLife’s diverse range of pet products.


With minimal cost to HiLife, and the samples being the only ‘payment’ the influencers receive, the brand has had some extremely positive coverage from canine and feline influencers across the UK.

In less than a year, spottydog helped HiLife achieve positive coverage from almost 100 influencers, with many becoming advocates of the brand delivering a total PR reach of 761,866. For example, one feline influencer, with over 129,000 followers, posted about their free treats and food on their Instagram story and grid with images and videos showcasing the HiLife branding and the cats tucking into the food. With the younger demographic found on Instagram, the positive relationships we have created help secure the future of the brand in a cost-effective manner.


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