Designing & producing a campaign to drive membership engagement around 75 years of IOSH

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The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is a world-leading professional body in the health & safety space, and the largest in the UK. For their 75th anniversary in 2020, IOSH asked us to create a year-long campaign to celebrate the milestone in a way that would resonate with their members and stakeholders, and shine a spotlight on how safety professionals have changed our world of work for the better. Our challenge was to turn a potentially dry subject into content that would be emotionally engaging and create a sense of history and pride based off our top PR agency techniques and skills.


We put on our creative thinking hats to create the Pioneers of Progress project. We know the power of storytelling and the interest that people naturally have in hearing from their peers. Our first goal was to collect materials to turn into a commemorative book. It would detail the key innovations and improvements that have happened over the last eight decades, through the eyes of the safety professionals who were there.

To collect the material needed, we immersed ourselves in the world of health and safety. Connecting to online communities, attending industry events and reaching out to influential figures for support. Over the course of a year, we’ve successfully built a network and found dozens of fascinating interview subjects, allowing us to collect original research in the shape of written, audio and video memories.


The quality of the content we’ve gathered has allowed us to spot themes and see how technical or legal developments can be explained as real-world, impactful improvements to our working lives. We split this large-scale project into three stages, with room for review at the end of each. Working closely with our client, we’ve been able to take the original concept and turn it into an international celebration.

Our content is now featuring in not only the historical book, but an anniversary gala dinner, digital exhibition, launch video, website, event series and podcast. While the celebrations have unfortunately had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we can see how successful stakeholder engagement allowed us to create an engaging, multimedia campaign. We also have a unique network of ‘key players’ in the industry, who are already advocates of the project and will help amplify our messaging.


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