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Reaching new audiences with LinkedIn Ads for Mitchells & Butlers recruitment

Social Media Recruiting


As part of Mitchells & Butlers’ digital recruitment and overall attraction strategy, spottydog was asked to develop a LinkedIn advertising strategy that would help raise awareness of the career opportunities at Mitchells & Butlers on LinkedIn and ultimately drive applications and social media recruiting.


Our approach was primarily to ensure the LinkedIn advertising strategy complemented our existing content strategy objectives and where necessary, advertise a selection of vacancies as a supplement to the separate job ads strategy. This meant we put the spotlight on hero content that would not only increase engagement and raise awareness of what it’s like to work with Mitchells & Butlers, but also help drive traffic to the website. Communicating internal company news so that it can be understood by an external audience and making the most of employee awards and recognition, we aligned the advertising on LinkedIn to the editorial content focus for that month.

Conducting audience mapping using LinkedIn Campaign Manager’s full targeting repertoire, we were able to drive above industry average CTRs to maximise ROI. Recognising the shifting landscape on LinkedIn with a further push on video content, different types of ad creatives becoming available and more, we continually took a test and learn approach by measuring success and taking key learnings to optimise for the best results.


To date, our LinkedIn advertising strategy has delivered over 280,000 impressions and by driving traffic to the careers website, we achieved an above industry average (0.4%) click-through rate (CTR) at over 1%. Taking a test and learn approach has been successful in growing the LinkedIn audience with over 200 new followers directly attributed to the ads, so far.


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