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Heritage makes waves with influencer activity

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We were tasked with helping Heritage Bathrooms to grow its social media audience by tapping into new younger audiences by using digital influencers and social media influencer marketing to create unique content.


To make waves across Heritage’s social media channels and to grow its ‘real home’ case study portfolio, spottydog aimed high, working contacts and leads to secure a series of influencers in different areas to co-create content. Our targeted, personalised strategy led to an exclusive sampling opportunity with world renowned lifestyle blogger, author and designer Fleur De Force within her hotly anticipated home renovation.

The aim was to speak to and reach a vast and varied social media audience interested in interiors and home décor, through displaying one of Heritage’s best-selling ranges ‘Granley’ within Fleur’s guest bathroom, which would ultimately feature in her popular ‘room tour’ vlog.

Making the most of the social media exposure, spottydog interacted with Fleur at each stage of her renovation, including initial installation through to the final result, receiving direct interaction with the blogger, who boasts 322,000 followers on Twitter alone. This approach also led to two mentions on Fleur’s Youtube channels across the year, which reach over 2 million subscribers.


The interactions with Fleur were responsible for Heritage Bathrooms’ most successful Twitter and Facebook posts for the month of October 2016 when the video went live.

To date, the videos have also been watched 338,723 times, and helped Heritage to reach a completely new and previously untapped segment of their target market.


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