Growing a digital audience for dog food brand Autarky

Social Media Content


We were briefed to help working dog food brand Autarky to grow its digital audience and effectively communicate with the consumer community about the benefits of its range of feeds after a rebrand through social media content.


To ensure consumers understood the changes that had been made behind the scenes during the rebrand, it was paramount to use the social channels as a vehicle for debunking many Autarky myths that had begun circulating within the pet space. Using April fools day as a springboard, we created a Q&A style competition that ran for several days to serve two purposes. One, to reinvigorate the page which had not been posted on consistently for some time, and two, to use a fun and interactive mechanic as a way to also address some of the biggest misunderstandings the pet community held about Autarky.  Once these initial myths were addressed, we were able to begin to build the community and increase engagement across both Facebook and Twitter.


Twitter has grown by 390% in 6 months, while the Facebook audience has grown by 122% in the same period. The brand has seen a surge in testimonials, user generated content and brand advocates, as well as now being able to increase customer recruitment on the channels through effective sampling opportunities and community management.


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