Event Design: harnessing the creative thinking of Getinge’s Executive team

employee engagement


We were briefed to help medical technology company Getinge design a series of workshops for their Annual EMEA Sales Conference to  improve their employee engagement. They wanted the event to be engaging, fun and memorable for their staff, but still achieve clear objectives.


We designed a half day workshop so that the UK Executive team, including the President, could shape the sales team event. The day was strategically planned using our internal communications and event design expertise to create a productive, valuable environment. Through a series of guided activities and questions we helped the Executives identify what they wanted the event to achieve and what their shared goals were. We encouraged creative thinking around how they could get the best out of their employees and what a successful event would look like. There were also games to inspire some team building and help them explore how the event could be fun, while still reinforcing their company values.


At the end of the half day session we had clear objectives and topics for the event as well as volunteers to facilitate. This input allowed us to craft a series of breakout workshops for around 70 employees. The workshops will generate creative thinking from the teams, along with clear actions that they can take back to their everyday roles. The breakouts will also provide the opportunity for them to problem solve and bond, increasing employee engagement and collaboration.


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