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Engaging the farming community through Potters Poultry’s virtual open house

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Potters Poultry is one of the UK’s leading providers of hens and equipment for the egg-laying industry and has been operating in the industry for more than half a century. The business approached us to help improve its reputation amongst their customers and stakeholders with the use of virtual run events due to COVID-19.

As a B2B business in a close-knit community, news travels fast and having a positive reputation is important. The client briefed us to create a newsworthy campaign within the farming industry which would improve their standing and reinforce their credibility.


At the centre of our activity was an Open House event which aimed to provoke dialogue between Potters Poultry, key stakeholders, industry figures and press. Due to the situation surrounding Covid-19, a virtual event using popular video conferencing system Zoom was by far the safest and easiest way to host the event.

Supporting the event was a comprehensive strategy of communications activity which included social media content, blog writing and media outreach.

The event was promoted across key social media channels with graphics developed and a teaser video created – all of which led back to the Eventbrite page encouraging people to sign up. We also sent an invitation using MailChimp to key members of the press, and stakeholders including customers, egg packers, suppliers and industry influencers and issued a post-event press release which secured near blanket coverage in the farming press.

The event’s main aim was to create a sense of openness and honesty to reinforce Potter Poultry’s position and heritage within the industry. To support this, it had to promote the business, showcase the people operating behind the scenes and provide valuable industry insight.

We achieved this by breaking down the virtual event into four sections. The first, an overview and insight into the Potters Poultry business through a pre-recorded video that we created. The video showed the history of the business, the services they provide and testimonials from customers.

The second part of the webinar showcased the USA side of the business, Dan Wood, who heads up the USA business, talked through the operations stateside and shared a video testimonial from one of his customers.

John Kirkpatrick, Tesco’s Agricultural Manager, then talked through how the UK egg industry is performing with insights into buying habits around Covid-19 and white egg.

Finally, the event was rounded off with a Q&A which opened the (virtual) floor to attendees to ask a question to any of the panellists.


Promotional social media posts performed particularly well, with a post which shared details on the guest speaker gaining the highest performing results on LinkedIn with 130 likes and 6,875 impressions.

Interest in the event was high with over 100 sign ups ahead of the event day. A low dropout rate meant that the event drew over 80 relevant attendees from within the industry on the day itself.

Press interest was also high, with three journalists in attendance and each chose to cover the event following their experience.

We also shared the webinar following the event, this gained 195 views, which means along with the initial attendees over 250 people have watched the webinar so far!


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