Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

Improving employee trust for Leicestershire Partnership NHS

Employee Engagement Ideas


​To implement the nationwide NHS scheme ‘Listening into Action’ with a difference; by curating employee engagement ideas, using effective communications to build employee trust, and empower 5,000 staff to persuade them that things can change for the better.


​spottydog worked with LPT to share skills to improve communications on an ongoing basis. This included; the creation of monthly newsletters about the overall project, films, the creation of customised communication templates for individual Pioneer teams well as copywriting advice and communications guidance, enabling employees to deliver their own internal communications long term and thus facilitate organisational change.


​After a year, the ‘Pulse’ employee survey was taken by 1,500 employees and showed a clear improvement, particularly from the Pioneer Teams which showed a 44% improvement in engagement from the previous year. The communications tools and employee engagement ideas are also providing real behaviour change, with employees using videos as training aids, an ongoing suggestion box campaign giving staff a voice and 4,000 thank you cards being used by managers regularly to show their appreciation of good work.