Helping Chudleys to build online brand awareness and reach within a niche audience

Social Media Agency


In September 2019, Dodson and Horrell gave, social media agency,  spottydog communications the task of managing their social media and PR campaigns to support their Chudleys brand – a specialist dog food with over 40 years of expertise and passion in the physiology, feeding and management of working dogs.

The aim was to build Chudleys’ online brand awareness and improve their reach within the gundog and field-sports markets.

Additionally, spottydog were challenged to achieve at least three pieces of PR coverage a month. This includes print/digital trade or consumer coverage, and influencer partnership posts.


Since adding the Chudleys brand to spottydog’s pack of pet sector retainer clients, we faced the challenge of creating engaging and interesting social media content for a niche audience. To achieve this, spottydog immersed itself in the gundog industry to understand the relationship between gundog owners, the working dogs, as well as compiling the primary publications and influencers to target.

To create engaging social media content for the audience, spottydog also briefed a range of graphics that showcased the brand’s key messages and heritage.

One of our challenges was to grow the reach of the Chudleys’ brand to a larger audience within the gundog and field-sports market. To achieve this, spottydog focused on building positive relationships with influencers by sending out free samples of food and encouraging them to #ChooseChudleys.


The activity that has taken place on Chudleys social media has proved successful in increasing brand awareness online, reaching a total audience of over 290,000 through organic social media activity and influencer outreach. As a result of sampling Chudleys feed, we have seen a number of influencer targets convert to a Chudleys diet following our outreach.

Instagram’s @GinnyTheFoxRed is a perfect example of this. In January 2020, spottydog reached out to Ginny’s owner and since then, they’ve provided us with a testimonial to share across socials and ran a competition in partnership with Chudleys, which attracted over 200 new Instagram followers to the brand.  And our PR is nothing to be sniffed at – overindexing on our initial targets to date and creating some valuable relationships with influencers in the gundog market.


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