Career trans-fur-mation for our new spotty pups

by Becky Nock |

I think it’s true that most of us fear change; in fact, I think we’re often taught to be. I was too, but then I realised that change can really mean great things: it can mean opening new doors, meeting new people, and creating a whole new path for yourself.

After graduating from Leeds University with a degree in Philosophy, it was safe to say I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do. I’d had some work experience in events, marketing and PR, as well as a little work behind the scenes at a local TV station. I wanted to find a grad scheme, as I thought this would help me secure a solid career path, and train me in a specific skill. After months of interviews, tests and assessment days I landed a place on the retail buying grad scheme at Next. I spent three very happy years there, being lucky enough to travel the world with the job and work my way up the ladder.

I reached a point where I was very proud of what I’d achieved, but I wondered if perhaps there was another career that my skills could be used for. I was keen on spreading my paws and seeing where I could go with what I’d learned so far.

With three years of professional experience under my collar, a mixture of work experience and skills, plus plenty of determination and enthusiasm, I took the leap from a world I had become very comfortable and familiar with to the almost completely new world of PR and comms.

Since I began my journey at spottydog in August there have been a few more pups who have joined our growing team; Dan Cooper our new Client Portfolio Director was freshly delivered from his role as Communications Manager at Aldi, Emily Wardle, ex-editor of Your Cat Magazine has been a purr-fect addition to the team along with recent grad Ellice Patrick and Brittani Smith, our newest intern from Birmingham City University. We’re quite a pack now!

I’ve now been working at spottydog for three months and I can say with huge confidence that I’m pawsitively thrilled with my move! I’ve been so warmly welcomed by a fantastic team who have been more than happy to help me with anything. After diving straight in the deep end with lots of different tasks and clients I can see how my previous skills and experience have helped me in this role.

Client management and relationships, creativity and a keen eye for detail are just a few of the transferrable skills that I have been able to use and having a fresh perspective on a new role can bring lots to the table, like new ways of thinking and approaching tasks.

The lesson to learn from all of this? Change is a great thing! Every pup, young or old, can be taught new tricks.