Can I be pinterested?

by Rachel Roberts |

​It was with a deep sigh that I activated a pinterest account earlier this year when bookmarking website Pinterest hit the web.  Another account login to remember, people to follow, content to keep current…  It was fair to say I really wasn’t that p-interested.

That was until I needed to buy stuff – holidays, kids play equipment, cars.  You spend hours trawling the web, often on an ipad ‘researching’ ideas, only to find that you can’t remember your favourites, get bamboozled as you try and compare different options.  To date, the only solution for me was to waste about five trees as I manually print off every page of interesting stuff I find on the web and then schedule a family meeting with my harassed husband to review the options.

But now life has changed… ta-dah – thanks to Pinterest I can create a pinboard of all the different stuff I’m looking at, send my husband the link for him to review, discuss, ignore his comments, and then make the purchasing decision.  The purchasing process has now been accelerated faster than you can say

So I promise to can my scepticism when the next shiny social media hub launches and prompts me to join the next bandwagon.  Unless I’ve gone shopping….