Busting the Creativity Myth

A note pad with colourful doodles and ideas.

Creativity has often been seen as a skill reserved for a creative elite. Only those honoured with the job title ‘Creative’ can possibly strive to be in a position of advising on what’s creative.

PR director Laura Rudolph unpicks the topic…

Not under our watch!

We’re firm believers that ideas can come from anywhere. In fact, the best ideas come from the most unexpected people in the most unusual places. Working in PR means we’re always aiming to change behaviours or mindsets somehow, and our nation is eclectic. As such, a workforce of people from different walks of life — all coming up with ideas for creative work — is essential if we’re going to make an impact and shift behaviour patterns in some way.

A diverse group of 4 people, 2 male and 2 females creatively thinking.

A representative group

People who live similar lives are likely to think similar thoughts, and therefore contribute similarly to the creative process. It’s important that a brainstorm includes a diverse group of people, so ideas are representative of humankind. You cannot fake lived experience, the understanding and empathy that come with having lived through something are unique. We need people who have walked different paths to come to the table, hopefully seeing a brief through a different lens to the person sitting next to them.

If a brand’s purpose is rooted in a human truth, we, as the comms agency, need to get straight to finding what that human truth is. Whilst we’re all experts at putting ourselves in someone’s else’s shoes, we’ll undoubtedly get to that human truth much more easily with a diverse team.

A diverse group of people stood in a huddle, embracing and looking down at the camera in the middle of them.

Stepping up the creativity

So, how can we all try and get a bit more creative? People watching on the train is my happy place. I could write a book using notes on my phone from the ideas I’ve had while staring at the public at 7.32am on a Tuesday.

This got me thinking… I can’t be the only one. So, I asked the people of Leopard Co how they get their creative juices flowing. Here’s our round up of easy ways you can be creative too.

  1. Walk with interest. To do this properly, you need to ditch your phone and headphones, and get outside. This is a walk in which you really look at what’s around you, and be interested. You’ll be amazed at what you find.
  2. Come up with the hashtag first. Whittling it down to a hashtag will force you to put a microscope on what you really need to achieve from this idea.
  3. Look up. You can do this as you move about your day. Walking to the bus stop, whilst in the supermarket, on your way home. It doesn’t matter, just look up. There’s a whole new world of inspiration up there.
  4. Steal someone’s identity. How would they solve this problem? Have fun, you can be anyone!

We love to hear from our network so get in touch and tell us how you get creative…

Lady in yellow, waiting to board a blue train at the platform.

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