#BringYourDogToWorkDay – How to create a paw-some workplace environment

Picture this, it’s a Monday morning and you walk into your office to be greeted by wagging tails and happy barks. This is the reality for many at dog-friendly offices. Allowing dogs to come into the workplace has become a growing trend, more businesses are appreciating the value of how our furry friends can not only encourage engaged working environments and promote productivity but can also do wonders for our mental health.

The Kennel Club shares that, ‘70% of people say that dogs alleviate stress in the workplace’ and ‘67% of people say that dogs make the atmosphere more friendly.’

Creating a fun and happy workplace is all part of our mission to attract pedigree people that can deliver pedigree communications at Spottydog – and what helps us achieve that? Implementing a bring-your-dog-to-work policy!

Ahead of Bring your Dog to Work Day on 21st June, we’ve shared our tips and tricks on how to create a paw-some workplace environment.


Introduce your dog

When a dog is brought into a new space, a smooth transition is important. Not only to introduce them to the team, but to other dogs too. When you first arrive, take your dog round a quick walk round the office to get them accustomed to the new smells, sights and sounds. Equally, ensure they have a neutral, outdoor space so they know they have their own safe zone. Another idea is to provide colleagues with some treats, so they make friends with your pup.

Make your office pooch perfect

The best way to keep a dog entertained is toys, so dot some round the office during the day. This will also help reduce the need for them to bark for attention. One thing to keep in mind when choosing toys is to invest in noiseless ones – we don’t want any loud squeaks going off during a client call!

Did somebody say walkies?

The benefit of having a pup round the office is getting out for their daily walks to unwind and refresh. Better yet, invite your colleagues along to a lunchtime walk and use it as an opportunity to catch up and build relationships.

Appoint someone as doggy day care

Of course, while everyone is to be responsible for their own pup, it can be helpful to ask one of your colleagues to look after your dog while you are in a meeting for example – and usually, more than most are more than happy to look after a furry friend!


At Spottydog Communications, our commitment to four-legged friends doesn’t stop at the dogs we have in the office. We equally love and support Birmingham Dogs Home by providing our time of expertise to support them with pro-bono PR work.

Excitingly, for our most recent campaign with them, we held a live puppy cam with them to teach audiences about the pups in care, how they came in, what it takes to bring them up and how you can help. A heart-warming campaign to launch their Little Miracles Appeal. Missed it? Don’t worry, you can have a watch here.


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