Making Cocktail Couture the fashion du jour

by Rachel Sharpe |

If you’re anything like us here at spottydog, you probably spend your first five minutes with a cocktail admiring the pretty colours and making sure you get the most Instagram-worthy shot. But we wonder if you’ve ever considered taking fashion inspiration from your favourite tipple?

That’s what we did in our latest PR venture for the launch of All Bar One into the fashionable Trafford Centre!

All Bar One is a brand of stylish bars across the UK, best known for its great food and extensive cocktail menu. Not, then, for its fashion credentials. So why did we choose to host a fashion event to promote a bar?

When spottypup Chloe was invited to talk on the Enterprise Nation #FJExchange ‘How to get Noticed’ panel in the Jewellery Quarter on Friday 13th May, she was asked “How do you get your products noticed by journalists?”

In response, Chloe said that it’s all about creating “stories”. Instead of focusing purely on the end product, publications and journalists are more and more interested in the stories behind brands, so it pays to think of the road less travelled when targeting media.

While the typical outreach plan for a bar launch might involve inviting food reviewers to sample the goods, we thought about the message we wanted to send out about All Bar One – that it is THE fashionable place to be when visiting the Trafford Centre – and chose to give its launch a trendy spin worthy of the catwalk!

Inviting Manchester-based fashion blogger Sara Luxe to the launch event, we challenged her to create three outfits inspired by some of All Bar One’s bestselling cocktails – Cosmopolitan, Honeybee Martini and Mojito.

The outfits she came up with – modelled by Manchester-based model Isi Peters – used the latest spring/summer trends from the high street, and managed to turn heads throughout the venue on launch day. The activity successfully became a really visual way to represent the bar’s fun and stylish vibe!

Since the launch day, Seb – spottydog’s content executive – has worked his magic to create some wonderful ‘Create-The-Look’ graphics featuring the outfits. These are great for use on social media – a very visually-led medium – enabling All Bar One to reach out to the fashion brands used in the creation of the outfits, as well as the very stylish Manchester audience.

While All Bar One remains focused on its food and drinks offering – despite its catwalk-worthy credentials(!) – this exercise went a long way to show that sometimes drinking – oops! thinking – a little outside the box can help you to engage with your target market – as well as expanding your horizons and reaching a new audience. Creating stories that people can relate to and engage with will only help strengthen your PR campaign.

If all else fails, even if you can’t pronounce your favourite tipple, you can always dress like one!