Book Lovers Day: Our favourite business books

A day to encourage the benefits of reading, Book Lovers Day (August 9th) is the perfect excuse for the team to share their favourite business reads!

Account Director Zoe:

The read: ‘Working Hard, Hardly Working’ by Grace Beverley

The verdict: “It’s official: I’ve been influenced! When influencer and entrepreneur Grace Beverley released her ‘Working Hard, Hardly Working’ book, I knew I had to buy it — and I’m very glad I did! Beyond its pretty cover is a wealth of practical advice on boosting time management skills, creating productive routines and reducing stress at work. Grace takes an honest, refreshing approach to the world of work that’s a joy to read — all while offering tried-and-tested tips that are easy to apply to your own working life.”

Associate Director Aaron:

The read: ‘Pitching to win: The art of winning new business’ by David Kean

The verdict: “A short, but mighty read on how to effectively plan, deliver, and follow up on new business pitches. I love the analogy the author uses to describe pitches being like a 100m sprint — only the winner gets the glory. The book covers what prospective clients are looking for at a pitch and what pitching companies usually give them to why a company loses the sale. Fascinating read with lots of practical tips!”

Digital Consultant Jack:

The read: ‘A Self-Help Guide for Copywriters’ by Dan Nelken

The verdict: “Less of a business book, and more like a bible, Dan Nelken’s ‘A Self-Help Guide for Copywriters’ hasn’t left my desk since the day I received it. Writing better headlines is one thing, and writing better ones faster is another. After helping you quash your inner critic, the guide becomes an exercise book for you to use over and over.

“Applying the concept of ‘think first, write second’ to a fun framework really does unlock your creativity, from creating buckets based on insights, benefits, and attributes, to researching competitors and the target audience, to jotting down raw ideas, finding relatable truths, and pushing yourself into unpredictable, creative territory. This only scratches the surface, yet every inch of it continues to transform my approach to copywriting, saving me time, boosting my productivity, and helping me write more effective headlines for clients.”

Associate Director Emily:

The read: ‘The big book of meeting games’ by Marlene Caroselli

The verdict: “This chunky book is full of games to help get your creative juices flowing. With everything from ideas for meeting icebreakers to team games to help solve serious business problems, it’s a really useful material that I keep close to hand. We’ve all been in those dry meetings that seem to have no purpose and you see eyes across the room glaze over — this is the perfect remedy!”


Do you have any business book recommendations? Let us know!

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