Why Birmingham, nine people and a flip chart make a powerful combination

by Katie Bregazzi |

If I told you that:

  • I love my job because it allows me to create conversations, content and ideas that allow me to understand, engage and inspire an audience through the words or images I use.
  • I love my job because, the people I work with are pedigree people and they’re the best in breed.
  • I love my job because, as a team we push our limits to deliver and exceed results.
  • I love my job because, our team cadence relies on harnessing each other’s strengths, knowledge, experience and learnings so we can continuously evolve the work we do, to continue to be a company that delivers top dog advice, results and customer service.

Would you question who I was, where I worked or when I did it? Or would the why explanation give you a good idea of who I was, where I worked and when I did it?

I am trying to take on a sense of mystery, but being a spottyblog, with a byline and three dog puns already in the bag I’m guessing you know exactly who I am and that any dreams of being called up to the secret service won’t be happening anytime soon! But do you really want to know why am I writing this?

Well, yesterday we had our spottydog team building day at our St Paul’s Square office in Birmingham. Though your imagination might now be filled with the thought of group hugs, motivational posters and building a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows – the spottydog team day was different, a bit like us.

We were armed with our newly identified Gallup strengths, were led by HR Consultant Thomas Giles and were an eight strong team inspired by Simon Sinek’s ethos; it isn’t what we do it’s why we do it (we also had copious amounts of M&S chocolate goodies but that’s by the by!)

Led by Thomas, we went through a series of self-evaluations, group breakout sessions and team discussions. We studied our team mosaic, how we can learn and inspire each other and we created a series of team values:

•    We are best of breed in PR & Comms
•    We look after each other, ourselves, our clients and our partners
•    The CIPR code of ethics is our guide post
•    We have a servants heart
•    We have an inquisitive mind and an adventurous spirit
•    We are respectfully open, honest and direct
•    LOL is our signature
•    We contribute to our community

But how does this all come back to why I am really writing this blog? The above is why. Because why is manifested in passion, and passion is key.