Be the perfect host at any party

by spottydog communications |

Rotate your guests after each course, organise a drinks tasting session when you’re having a meal out with friends and make it easy to split the bill. These are just some of the handy tips for planning the perfect party from Laura Richardson, Chief Hostess at Browns Brasserie & Bar.

Through our work with the restaurant chain who are a number one choice for hosting special celebrations, we’ve taken the headache out of party planning by creating four videos choc-full of tips so that we could pass on their expert knowledge to party planners everywhere. With the videos we were able to raise awareness of how Browns is the perfect venue to hold a memorable event. Whether you’re organising a baby shower, a Christmas party, planning to propose or simply want to know how to make sure your guests are happy with the seating arrangements we’ve got a video to show you you how. See them on our youtube channel and then pull out the champers!