Are we going Back to the Future?

by Lisa Jones |

Posing in a Delorean, surrounded by tech companies, in the middle of London’s legendary Olympia at Technology for Marketing (or should that be #TFM2016?) I wondered: “If this is the future, what will 2017 bring us? And, does my bum look big in this?” Fortunately, there were plenty of seminars and stands promising to be the future of marketing – and no mirrors.

So here’s a few predictions I gleaned from the stage stars and the technology touts.

  1. Forget single customer view, 2017 is all about the complete online customer view
  2. Increasingly customers won’t want to share their data (currently 50%) so more emphasis will be placed on improving and promoting the value exchange – what are we offering that customers really want, in return for their data?
  3. As two thirds of CEOs and CFOs report that they are overwhelmed by content, it will be all about the quality and less about the quantity of content in 2017
  4. 2017 will be all about customer experience so Marketing will be working in teams with HR, IT and customer service. Cross-functional working will become the norm.
  5. With a looming deadline in 2018 to be able to prove double opt-in if you’re targeting customers in the EU, the GDPR regulations will be raising the marketing bar
  6. The rise and rise of AI (also known as artificial intelligence, and machine learning – that’s back on trend again!) looks set to continue, providing predictive experiences, and freeing up operational time, making workforces more productive

To summarise, we need to know each individual target, offer them something they want, focus on quality, work together, be transparent and use technology to improve efficiency. Sounds like good old fashioned communications to me. Clearly, we really are going back to the future.

Now if 2017 could also bring spottydog the launch campaign for the world’s first commercial hoverboard, that would be exciting!