Are Internal Communications the missing ingredient from your successful product launch?

by Alissa Burn |

There are many ways to launch a new product, depending on your sector and target market. You might choose to do a soft launch, only inviting a few VIPs to the taster event, and letting the product speak for itself. You might want a big bang, large scale event complete with a celebrity, reviews in the press and enough of an early buzz on social media that customers are lining up outside your stores on opening day.

Whichever approach you take, we always have one key piece of advice for our clients: the audience who always needs to be the first to know are your own employees. This is where ensuring you have an effective internal communications strategy in place can really make a difference.

For successful employee engagement, your colleagues should never hear company news for the first time from external sources like social media. It breaks down the trust they feel in their employers and leaves them feeling left out and unempowered. This has a poor impact on employee engagement and productivity.

Instead, view a product launch as the perfect opportunity to reinforce your company culture. Giving your employees a sneak preview makes them feel important within the business and like they’re part of the wider team, and the impact of the full unveiling can remind employees why you’re a great place to work. When your PR, digital marketing and commercial teams are under a tight deadline, it can be easy to work in siloes and forget about sharing news with their own colleagues. But it’s essential that you do so. Start by helping them understand:

  • The story of the product and the creativity, innovation and passion that went into creating it
  • Commercial understanding – who your core market is and why
  • How your product will make the lives of your customers better
  • Why it’s so exciting!

This last point is key. Employee advocacy brings authenticity to how you talk about your product, which you need to cut through in a busy market. With enough employee voices singing your praises, you create grassroots support for your product – real people, who are genuinely recommending it to everyone they can.

We’ve helped clients create a ‘moment’ for their employees before, where everyone downs tools and comes together to hear the good news, complete with branded balloons and goody bags. Or sometimes it’s more appropriate to write a piece for the intranet and offer everyone the opportunity to come to a drop in session to learn more about it in their own time. Whatever you do, just make sure your colleagues feel included and are the first to hear the big news.

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