6 Quick Christmas Ideas For Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to get creative with your social media marketing and benefit from some great engagements and interactions on your social networking channels.

So, to help you to be more prepared, here are some ideas to transform your social media marketing strategy this Christmas.

Send a digital Christmas card

When it comes to your business communications, every single one should represent you as a brand and showcase quality, personality and creativity – and Christmas communications are no exception. So, as part of your social media plans this year, why not design and create your own digital Christmas card as a convenient and eco-friendly way to wish your stakeholders, colleagues and contacts well and to thank them for another great year? This doesn’t have to be just an email but it could be a piece of social media content such as a video that plays out across your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn channels.

Not only are these a brilliant way to send Christmas cheer in a more unique and interactive way, but digital Christmas cards provide you with analytics so you’ll know exactly how many people watched, opened and clicked through your communication.

Write and promote Christmas themed blogs

In the crowded online Christmas market, an insightful and helpful blog with a creative Christmas angle will give your social media marketing a point of difference, and a way to engage your social media audience and drive them back to your website. If you’re struggling for a blog topic, why not take the opportunity to show people how you celebrate Christmas as a brand, discuss your own Christmas initiatives or provide tips relevant to your area of expertise to help others in your industry to get ready for the Christmas season without the stress?

Come up with a creative social media campaign

The earlier you can start thinking about your Christmas social media ideas, the better. Whether you plan to launch a digital countdown calendar to Christmas or to share a ‘merry Christmas’ social media graphic featuring a photograph of your whole team, it’s best to start planning a few weeks in advance to ensure you’re ready to ‘go live’ with your social media marketing campaign as soon as Christmas fever hits. Don’t forget that you can also use social advertising to amplify your campaign using a small budget.

Launch a social media Christmas competition

Competitions are a good tactic to include within your social strategy as they give you the opportunity to grow your audience, increase your engagement and outreach to complementary brands you may like to feature within your prize. One popular social media competition mechanic to try is a ‘12 days of Christmas’ giveaway, which gives you extra longevity and a fresh reason to engage with your social media audiences each day in the run-up to Christmas.

Use social media hashtags

To get extra exposure during the Christmas period, spend time in advance researching the social media hashtags, national days and trends that people in your industry will be using and mentioning. Finding out which day #ChristmasJumperDay falls on and ensuring your team come prepared for a picture, for example, is an easy way to benefit from using a popular hashtag and is sure to give your social marketing a boost.

Get involved in local charity initiatives

As we’re based in the Midlands, in the past we have spent a day in the run up to Christmas donating toys to Birmingham Children’s hospital. We also scheduled updates about our day on our social media platforms and wrote a blog about the rewarding experience too. This type of community outreach and local charity initiative is obviously a great thing to do to help those who are less fortunate and to raise awareness of some great causes, but it will also give your brand an inspiring social media marketing narrative and showcase your values as a company to prospective customers.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you to transform your own social media strategy, contact us today: [email protected]

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