5 Top Tips to Make the Most of your Learning and Development

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To make sure we truly deliver best of breed communications and remain a top Birmingham PR agency, we have to stay on top of the latest developments and innovations that are impacting our industry.

Making spottydog a place where talent can grow and thrive is something we take very seriously around here, in fact we think it’s so important that we make it a key part of our job descriptions.

We’ve built our reputation for being agile and learning new tricks. This approach that has got us from start-up in 2010 to the communications agency we are today.

Last September, after two years of working in PR full time, I became an accredited PR practitioner. It’s a great achievement, and one I’m very proud to have – not only does it demonstrate my commitment to becoming an ethical PR professional, but I also learnt a lot through the CPD process.

Ongoing learning and develop is encouraged by everyone at spottydog to further our understanding and to better ourselves as PR practitioners, not only in the work we do but also by completing our CIPR CPD every year.

So as we approach the deadline for this year’s CPD, we wanted to share our top five tips for making the most of your learning and development, whether that’s cramming in the last few points of CPD for the year or looking forward your goals for next year:

1. Attend webinars

This year, I found the most effective way to further my knowledge of the PR industry was to attend webinars and virtual training sessions.

Both formats are a great way to hear from the experts, and it also provides you with an opportunity to ask questions to further your understanding.

Due to the pandemic all the training sessions I attended this year were hosted virtually, and although this has some downsides, it also meant less time spent travelling and more time learning. Attending these training sessions, one on creativity in B2B, and another on account management were invaluable to me as I develop in my career.

2. Learn from your colleagues

As a top PR agency in Birmingham, my colleagues at spottydog are incredibly talented and full of insight and knowledge in their specialisms.

Throughout the year, my senior colleagues hosted mentoring sessions where they would talk through and explain some key concepts in PR – crisis management, grammar 101, and LinkedIn best practice to name a few.

3. Find subjects that interest you

Completing CPD is a lot easier when you choose to expand your PR knowledge on topics you enjoy.

From digital skills to speaking to journalists and best practice for selling in news stories, there are a wide range of webinars, skills guides and articles available on the CIPR website to suit you.

4. Push yourself to explore new subjects

Something I particularly enjoyed while completing my CPD was the wide range of subject areas available to learn about on the CIPR platform.

For example, I read a skills guide on the ethics surrounding AI. Although I did not immediately think it would be relevant for my day-to-day work, it did provide insight into how AI uses data on social media – which is relevant.

Think about where you want to take your career and how you want to progress, then map out your learning aims based on this.

Birmingham PR Agency

5. Log points throughout the year

And finally, get the most of your CPD by logging your points throughout the year. It can be tempting to leave logging points until the last week, but trust me, it’s a lot more enjoyable logging points as you go!

Hopefully in the coming years, I’ll feel confident enough to join my colleagues and become a CIPR Chartered PR Practitioner too!

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