Top tips on creating a dog-friendly office

As a business that places so much value on our trusty office dogs, it was an honour to be named one of Rover’s ‘Best Dog-Friendly Companies of 2021’ — the only Midlands company to feature on the list and the only PR agency!

Creating a fun, vibrant workplace is all part of our mission to attract pedigree people that can deliver best of breed communications — and implementing a bring-your-dog-to-work policy helps us achieve that. Four-legged friends not only boost team morale and promote productivity but working alongside them does wonders for our mental health and wellbeing.

So, how can you create a dog-friendly office? Read on for our top tips…

Make your office canine-ready

Offices can be busy at the best of times, but with businesses beginning to have meetings face-to-face again, it’s important to set up a dedicated quiet space for your dogs with plenty of water.

Investing in dog beds and placing them away from the hustle and bustle of the office is a great way to do this. Another way is to have dog treats and chews on hand as this can be a great way to ease dogs into meeting new people. However, make sure to check with colleagues if their dogs have any food sensitivities or allergies prior to giving them out.

Introduce them to other dogs properly

Employees are not the only ones who demand quality onboarding. In fact, every dog needs a smooth transition when occupying the same space as other pets. Therefore, when bringing in multiple dogs into the office for the first time, find a neutral, outdoor area first so they can get acquainted. It’s also worth giving other colleagues some treats in advance so the dogs can gradually warm up to them.

Create a pup play zone

Dotting toys around the office keeps pups happy and entertained throughout the day and reduces the likelihood of them getting rowdy and barking. However, when it comes to choosing pet toys, be sure to invest in ones that are noiseless, so it doesn’t distract working team members.

Dedicate someone to dog duty

While every dog parent should be responsible for their own pup, it can be useful to task an employee with ‘dog duty’ for periods when owners are particularly stacked or in an important meeting. This would include ensuring that all the water bowls are filled up, any accidents are cleaned up, and that dogs get taken out for a walk/toileted in case their owners are busy.

Take advantage of walkies

Office dogs do wonders for our workplace wellbeing, and one way to make the most of this is to use their daily walks as an opportunity to unwind and refresh. A new initiative at spottydog is encouraging every team member to buddy up with someone and step away from their desk to go on a ‘Walk and Talk’ with their office dog in tow.

So, if your team are looking for some motivation to get outside on their lunchbreak, why not try inviting dogs into the office? No one can resist cute puppy eyes.

Please always seek professional advice from a vet or animal behaviourist if you’re unsure or need any advice about taking your dog to the office.




Our commitment to our four-legged friends goes beyond our resident office dogs; we also have a wide portfolio of pet clients. To find out more about our work in the pet sector, visit here.

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